Why Voting Trump Is Morally Good – Interview With Theologian Dr. Wayne Grudem

wayne grudem voting for trump is morally good

  Dr. Wayne Grudem is a well known evangelical Christian theologian.  Educated at Harvard, Cambridge, and Westminster Seminary, he is currently a professor at Phoenix Seminary and the author of a widely used systematic theology.  Dr. Grudem is also a former support of Marco Rubio and was an adviser to the campaign. In a powerful, […]

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John Marini explains the American Crisis:  Part 1

An article at the Claremont Review of Books by John Marini, the scholar who literally wrote the book on the ways the administrative state is destructive to the possibility of self-government, deserves wide attention and careful analysis.  This post will be the first in a series attempting to provide some of that. The central problem […]

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Towards A Better American Conservatism – A Discussion With Ben Boychuk

  Ben and I started what we hope to make a weekly discussion that we will publish here and on iTunes.  We began with a theme that we will return to often, namely how to build a better American conservatism.  Part of that is a discussion of what has gone wrong – and right – […]

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Lincoln’s Party – And Trump’s, Too

gop smart set should remember the real abraham lincoln

  So-called movement conservatives who are lamenting the “demise of the party of Lincoln” this week would do better to read a good book on Lincoln. Not a book-length tract by one of their own number that contrives to conclude, mirabile dictu, that Lincoln was a movement conservative himself, but an account of the flesh-and-blood […]

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