Trending: Bill Bennett Trumps The #NeverTrumps

bill bennett and the nevertrump mafia

The conservative movement and varied wings of the Republican party have always had their troubles with the trending and ultimate nominee—usually right up until the nomination. This year is different. Many conservative intellectuals and party regulars are still throwing their brickbats at him. And yet, the problems and complaints about the nominee seem much the […]

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For Hillary The Alt-Right Is This Year’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

hillary clinton uses alt right to distract from her scandals

  A scapegoat. A distraction. A willing suspension of disbelief. A semi-plausible excuse for Hillary Clinton to say to the American people, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” That’s what Clinton’s speech in Reno on Thursday denouncing the “alt-right” represents. It’s the 2016 reboot of her 1998 complaints about a […]

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Perpetuation and Moderation: Trump’s Lincolnian Rhetoric

  In recent days, a series of particularly cogent and well-delivered Donald Trump speeches prompted media speculation about his “change of course” and the new direction of his campaign. Though they seem more like distillation than departure to me, it is true that the seriousness and the clarity of the speeches is striking and a […]

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Americans Find Hillary Increasingly Untrustworthy And That Could Sink Her

most americans say hillary clinton cannot be trusted

Donald Trump has tried to brand his opponent, “Crooked Hillary.”  It turns out she has spent 4 decades in public life doing most of the work for him.  Even for people who do not follow politics closely the Clinton name is a byword for scandal and corner-cutting (I’m being nice). Now recent polling shows that […]

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