Why Voting Trump Is Morally Good – Interview With Theologian Dr. Wayne Grudem

wayne grudem voting for trump is morally good

  Dr. Wayne Grudem is a well known evangelical Christian theologian.  Educated at Harvard, Cambridge, and Westminster Seminary, he is currently a professor at Phoenix Seminary and the author of a widely used systematic theology.  Dr. Grudem is also a former support of Marco Rubio and was an adviser to the campaign. In a powerful, […]

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Thieleology: The Logos of Peter Thiel (and some thoughts on the New GOP)

peter thiel speech dazzles the republican national convention

In a two-party political system such as our own, parties have to be big tents.  Anyone who has studied the American political party system and the course of its history might notice not only realignments of those parties over time, but the need for broader and broader tents as the country has gotten bigger and […]

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Towards A Better American Conservatism – A Discussion With Ben Boychuk

  Ben and I started what we hope to make a weekly discussion that we will publish here and on iTunes.  We began with a theme that we will return to often, namely how to build a better American conservatism.  Part of that is a discussion of what has gone wrong – and right – […]

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Lincoln’s Party – And Trump’s, Too

gop smart set should remember the real abraham lincoln

  So-called movement conservatives who are lamenting the “demise of the party of Lincoln” this week would do better to read a good book on Lincoln. Not a book-length tract by one of their own number that contrives to conclude, mirabile dictu, that Lincoln was a movement conservative himself, but an account of the flesh-and-blood […]

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DTJ, Melania, Mrs. Fields & A Few Other Musings

  The commentariat, helplessly observing the end of a failed eight year experiment in leftism, appeasement, and racialism, has but one basic approach to the RNC speeches this week: take on family members as either plagiarists or as better than the nominee.  More on the plagiarism in a moment, but the main of today’s commentary […]

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Sorry, David Brooks and Others:  You’re Massively Wrong About Globalism Being “Massively Right” 

At the American Interest, Jason Willick writes perceptively about Samuel Huntington’s prediction, more than two decades old, that the political order in the West would be turned upside down by a growing gulf between a “global elite” and their more nationalist general populations. The post-war push for an elite cosmopolitanism demanded free trade, open immigration policies, and an […]

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Their Essex Man, Our Reagan Democrat

Readers of American Greatness will not want to miss this Powerline Podcast with Steve Hayward interviewing Henry Olsen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Olsen is the premier number-crunching election prognosticator in the business. His track record predicting election outcomes is remarkably clear-eyed and brutally accurate–which explains why, even though he is not a Trump supporter, he […]

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Mike Lee’s Dangerous Flirtation

senator mike lee against voters

  The NeverTrump movement went out with a whimper rather than a bang.  After months of posturing, wrangling, scheming, and way too many public tantrums, the last ditch effort to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination lost badly in the Rules Committee.   A well-funded effort with the sotto voce backing of Utah Senator Mike […]

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Stamping Our Feet, Spinning Our Wheels

This story about the RNC’s platform deliberations and the decision to “toughen” the stance on pornography by deeming it a “public health crisis” is everything that is wrong with current GOP and conservative thinking about politics. In the first place, a party platform should never be so comprehensive in terms of policy. A platform should be, instead, a […]

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