Trending: Bill Bennett Trumps The #NeverTrumps

bill bennett and the nevertrump mafia

The conservative movement and varied wings of the Republican party have always had their troubles with the trending and ultimate nominee—usually right up until the nomination. This year is different. Many conservative intellectuals and party regulars are still throwing their brickbats at him. And yet, the problems and complaints about the nominee seem much the […]

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Election Day in Dreamland

  Barney Frank famously said, “Government is simply a word for the things we decide to do together.” Whatever one may say about the ultimate shallowness of that reflection, it has some application when it comes to America’s opiate crisis. Heroin, it turns out, is just a name for something we do together. Sam Quinones […]

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Resurrecting the Idea of a Christian Society with RR Reno (PODCAST)

  Dr. R.R. Reno, editor of First Things, joins us today to discuss the thesis of his timely new book, Resurrecting the Idea of a Christian Society.  An interview we though would last for 20 minutes turned into a conversation that went the full hour and we invited Dr. Reno back on the show to […]

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A Tale of Two Kinds of White Racists (Not to Mention those of Other Hues)

Elsewhere on our site, Ken Masugi writes about Donald Trump’s impressive speech last week in Milwaukee which, in addition to addressing the important question of law and order, also did not flinch from the question of Republicans and race. When Trump has not been accused actually of being a despicable racist, he’s accused instead of seeking deliberately to appeal to […]

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Overheard Somewhere in Ohio: The Little Hamlet and the Global Village

  Boy: Grandpa, I don’t understand what I see on TV. People seem angry. Why are people saying terrible things about one another? Old Man: I don’t know for sure, my boy. It’s an election year. And for some people not everything is going well. And when that happens people become angry. It’s part of […]

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Weigel Gets It Right In “God & Brexit”

george weigel god and brexit is biblical religion necessary for free government

George Weigel sees a cautionary tale in Europe that Americans would be wise to heed.  Referencing German scholar, Ernst-Friedrich Boeckenfoerde he notes “that the modern liberal-democratic state faced a dilemma: It rested on the foundation of moral-cultural premises—social capital—that it could not itself generate. Put another way, it takes a certain kind of people, formed by a […]

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The Suicide Pact

  “What happened to the American Dream? It came true. You’re looking at it.”  —The Comedian, Watchmen (1986) Supposedly, it is Abraham Lincoln who first used the phrase, “The Constitution is not a suicide pact,” when referring to his allegedly extra-constitutional acts during what historian Shelby Foote simply called “The War.” But as I watched the […]

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What Happened To Safe, Legal, & Rare? DNC Crowds Cheers Speaker’s Abortion

abortion ghoul cheer tales of death

  Democrats let the mask slip last night in Philadelphia when the crowd erupted with congratulatory cheers after one of the speakers, Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL, told them of the time she got an abortion because well, it just wasn’t a convenient time to have a baby.  If any good came of her tale […]

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Stamping Our Feet, Spinning Our Wheels

This story about the RNC’s platform deliberations and the decision to “toughen” the stance on pornography by deeming it a “public health crisis” is everything that is wrong with current GOP and conservative thinking about politics. In the first place, a party platform should never be so comprehensive in terms of policy. A platform should be, instead, a […]

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