Not ‘Reactionary’ But Right: Decius Responds to Damon Linker

If I were to try to correct every misinterpretation of what I’ve written, I’d never do anything else. But some are worth addressing because they present an opportunity to explore larger questions or drill deeper into ones already on the table. Damon Linker offers a case in point. In two columns at The Week, he […]

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The 9/11 Awakening That Still Needs to Happen

  Five years ago, on what was the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on our country, I offered this reflection as I recalled the horror of that day. The confidence that assures the vulnerable and makes them forget their condition was shaken. We were all vulnerable now. In truth, however, this was not […]

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What Happened To Safe, Legal, & Rare? DNC Crowds Cheers Speaker’s Abortion

abortion ghoul cheer tales of death

  Democrats let the mask slip last night in Philadelphia when the crowd erupted with congratulatory cheers after one of the speakers, Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL, told them of the time she got an abortion because well, it just wasn’t a convenient time to have a baby.  If any good came of her tale […]

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The War On Cops Undermines Civil Society

the left's war on cops undermines social order

The Left has been openly hostile to the police at least since the 1960s when it became cool to call cops, “pigs.”   Anti-police violence rose during that period and the images of the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago where Mayor Daly’s finest clashed with protesters are still remembered. What is not remembered so well […]

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Americans Find Hillary Increasingly Untrustworthy And That Could Sink Her

most americans say hillary clinton cannot be trusted

Donald Trump has tried to brand his opponent, “Crooked Hillary.”  It turns out she has spent 4 decades in public life doing most of the work for him.  Even for people who do not follow politics closely the Clinton name is a byword for scandal and corner-cutting (I’m being nice). Now recent polling shows that […]

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